Metadata - Content + Offer Aggregations

18 Nov 2017

Work on functional changes to enable aggregated querying of Content and Offers resources is now complete. This work includes enabling feeds to specify intersected relationships so client systems can benefit from the caching. Aggregate resources are not designed to be queried directly by customers. Instead access is through a query to the primary resource, including the secondary resource using the intersect option.

Metadata - Production Locations

15 Oct 2017

Support for production locations has been added to the domain model in the metadata service. This allows flagging of content filmed in a particular location like: countries, cities or even GPS locations. Examples being: London, UK; Stoke Park House, Buckinghamshire; Monument Valley, Arizona; Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, Eiffel Tower, Paris and Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Bavaria.

Metadata - Characters

15 Aug 2017

We introduced a new resource within the metadata service to deal with the complexities of characters in credits being played by more than one actor, and appearing in more than one movie or series. A prime example of this is James Bond.

Dashboard Screenshot Seven different actors played James Bond in a franchise of twenty six films to date.