Java Client SDK - Minor Enhancements

08 Dec 2017

Finally, we responded to a number of feature requests, such as the addition of included resource filtering and the ability to use the SDK without supplying credentials.

Java Client SDK - Resource Intersection

03 Nov 2017

It is now possible to perform ​intersection include queries. A key example of this is finding content with at least 1 offer meeting the supplied query criteria - e.g., “find me any action movies on this evening.”

Java Client SDK - Pluggable Interceptors

12 Oct 2017

The SDK also supports pluggable interceptors, allowing requests and responses to perform their own processing as needed.

Java Client SDK - JSON Response Performance

20 Sep 2017

The SDK is now much faster in parsing, processing and mapping response JSON, resulting in a 5-10x performance increase depending on the payload.

Java Client SDK - Pagination of Linked Resources

01 Sep 2017

It is now possible to paginate over linked resources.