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Gain instant access to years of product building and problem solving expertise. Modernise workflows by automating tasks, setting up proactive monitoring and alerting, or utilising artifical intelligence and machine learning to reduce your time and cost demands. Using Piksel's products will prepare you for whatever is next in your business.


Foundations covers services that form the collective base on which other functional areas are built. These services provide functionality including identity and access management, service registry, notification management, documentation plus operational monitoring and alerting.


Console is an HTML5 single page application (SPA) that provides a simple editorial and administrative interface to Palette services. It consumes the same services which are exposed to end users, effectively making it another client of the Piksel Palette.


The metadata service provides you with the tools to automate the ingest, normalisation, enrichment, verification and storage of your content metadata. The service contains components and functions that enable the creation of business rules and workflows that speed up your processes.


Move your media workflow into the cloud and benefit from our scalable, robust managed infrastructure. Choose from our range of on-platform capabilities for file transfer, encryption, packaging and delivery, and integrate with 3rd party providers such AWS Elemental integration for a complete, cost-effective file-based workflow.


Playout provides the services required to enable your business to present, retail and securely deliver you premium content direct to customers.


Ignite provides components to help get you started with Piksel Palette.