Foundations covers services that form the collective base on which other functional areas are built. These services provide functionality including identity and access management, service registry, notification management, documentation plus operational monitoring and alerting.


Identity and Access Service manages the data specific to the identity and access control, as well as authentication and access using the OAuth2 Authorisation Framework.


Registry Service manages data specific to discovering the locations of other services, providing lookup functionality based on tenancies.


GeoLocation Service provides location lookup and restriction features based on IP addresses, and manages policies which define the relevant rules for restrictions.


Notifications Service dispatches notifications generated on-platform to off-platform recipients e.g. email, webhook.

Operational Insight

Operational Services is a collection of services that aid with operational activities, covering build, metrics, logs and alerts.

At this time, we do not make these available directly to our customers, however, we are very happy to provide details on how we ensure we run the best possible service.

Dev Tools

Dev Tools is a diverse collection of command line apps, libraries and open source contributions. Additionally there are a set of client sdks for communicating with our APIs that are available as part of Ignite.