Move your media workflow into the cloud and benefit from our scalable, robust managed infrastructure. Choose from our range of on-platform capabilities for file transfer, encryption, packaging and delivery, and integrate with 3rd party providers such AWS Elemental integration for a complete, cost-effective file-based workflow. Manage your workflows directly in the console, create now workflows for ingested content and see progress status updates in real time.

Flow Capabilities

Explore important features of Flow, including Modern Standards-Based Packaging and Delivery, Encryption, Asset Analysis, Quality Checking, and File Transfer and File Storage.

Metadata Service Integration

Our Flow workflow system is deeply integrated into Metadata Manager keeping your asset data in-sync with your content catalogue. Any asset modifications can be pushed into the Metadata Service and used to orchestrate distribution workflows.

Flow Language

Our expressive Flow Language approach allows complex workflows to be developed, tested, maintained and reused, without losing the ability to visualise that Workflow in the Console.

Flexible Scheduling

Cloud-native platform allows automatic scaling of processing workers to satisfy variable demand, and prioritise your workflow execution, including the ability to provide dedicated instances and even hybrid deployments.