The metadata service provides you with the tools to automate the ingest, normalisation, enrichment, verification and storage of your content metadata. The service contains components and functions that enable the creation of business rules and workflows that speed up your processes. Once stored, the metadata is available for consumption by other services such as customised feeds and commercial offers.


The metadata service is responsible for managing data specific to media content, such as assets, channels, credits and providers.


The feeds service provides delivery of data feeds configured via Piksel Console or ingested from another system.


The enrichment service collects metadata from third party sources (such as Gracenote, RedBee, IMDB, etc.) and other internal metadata stores within your organization.


The storage service provides a common interface within Piksel Console to upload files and deliver them to your CDN for publicly accessible image delivery.

Content Knowledge Base

Applying Machine Learning capabilities, this internal service allows catalogue data curation and matching, providing deduplication of content and single item presentation.