Multi Line Browse Title Display

11 Feb 2018

Within the browse view assets now display title on two lines. This avoids the truncated single line display where every episode of a season displayed with the same test. With the two line display more information is included so you can see season and episode or other information included in the title.

Console - Language Selector

05 Sep 2017

The metadata language selector now shows the languages which are populated, along with highlighting for changes ready to be saved. This provides a much better overview of the various metadata languages than the previous standard dropdown list.

Dashboard Screenshot

Console - Filters

05 Aug 2017

Following client feedback we have introduced typeahead functionality into ref filters (search bar) using a user friendly display label (often title). This provides a much smoother method of filtering without typing reference names. A further enhancement is addition of the name to the display label to handle multiple refs with the same title (for example Categories with the same display label in different schemes). Work continues on the refinement of filters as we respond to customer feedback.

Dashboard Screenshot