AWS Well Architected

23 Mar 2018

Piksel products have been built with the AWS Well Architected framework in mind and meets all the criteria for operational excellence, security, reliability, performance and cost optimization.

Device Management

12 Mar 2018

The management of the User Profile service has been changed to facilitate future implementation of a Device Management service for our customers.

Storage Service

15 Feb 2018

A new storage service is now available that provides definition and management of underlying storage locations. It is possible to define multiple locations for different uses. Other components and services can use the storage service to list the locations and interact with them, such as Console Asset Upload feature making use of the location to upload assets to.

Multi Line Browse Title Display

11 Feb 2018

Within the browse view assets now display title on two lines. This avoids the truncated single line display where every episode of a season displayed with the same test. With the two line display more information is included so you can see season and episode or other information included in the title.

ID Matching

09 Feb 2018

This release adds automatic ID matching of Metadata Content resources to known 3rd party IDs, including IMDB, EIDR, Wikidata, TMS/Gracenote, and Rovi.

Asset Upload

21 Jan 2018

Asset management has been vastly improved within the Console. Within any content instance it is now possible to directly drag and drop local assets onto the content.

Feed Details Split Pane

15 Jan 2018

We have changed the layout of the screen to allow you to view the details in a split screen view. On the left you can view the configuration details and on the right you can see the content preview of the feed. As you make changes to the feed configuration, the feed content will dynamically update.

DPP Committed to Security

07 Jan 2018

The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) is an industry body founded by ITV, BBC and Channel 4. The DPP’s Committed to Security Programme was announced at IBC 2017 and provides members with a means of demonstrating that they are following security best practices. Piksel started the process for certification with DPP late October and gained certification in January 2018.

Query Performance

15 Dec 2017

API response times and latency were improved through tuning and optimisations in the underlying query engine.

Workflow - Execution Events

10 Dec 2017

We rolled out a number of smaller improvements, such as being able to label a workflow as active/inactive. This allows us to disable a configured workflow if a customer wishes to prevent that workflow from executing.