Dashboard - MVP

01 May 2017

We are delighted to announce that Dashboard widgets have arrived in the Console! This first release introduces two initial widgets; counts and charts. These widgets are configurable and allow the user to tailor them to their individual needs and workflows.

Dashboard Screenshot

For the first release, the Dashboard is structured with four count widgets and two charts. Each widget is powered by a filter query, the same queries which are used throughout the Console. Once the widget has been configured, the user is presented with either a count or a chart based overview - if the user clicks on the title of the widget, they are taken to a browse view pre populated with the same filter, showing all of the items ready for the user to work through.

The widgets are configured by clicking on the gear icon - the user is then presented with a modal to define the title, and the filter to be used.

As mentioned previously, not only do the widgets provide a quick overview of the content, but they also allow the users to click through and start working on the items straight from the Dashboard. This click through was inspired by an editor we spoke to in a client workshop. Her role was to address content items which were flagged as having insufficient images for the various delivery platforms. The Dashboard would be the perfect place for her to work from, titling a count widget with “Missing Images” with a filter picking out all of the content which is tagged for her attention. With a quick click of the title, she can begin her tasks.

This is a really exciting addition to the Console, and sets the foundations perfectly for our roadmap of Dashboard enhancements. Expect more widget types and more configuration options in the near future!

As always, we would love to hear from you with any feedback.