Fuse Publisher


Media supply chains have traditionally been built with servicing analogue content in mind. Digital workflows were added after the fact.

  • Systems aren’t designed to work in concert
  • Content becomes siloed between analogue and digital systems
  • ‘Solving’ this challenge has been through costly, bespoke customisation
  • Ever increasing number of distribution endpoints
  • Customisation increases reliance on manual intervention
  • Dual linear & digital chains create duplication, reduce agility and increase OPEX

The Fuse Publisher product

  • Covers analogue and digital workflows
  • Defined distribution profiles for publish endpoints
  • Cloud native
  • Output to multiple formats
  • Accelerators for common distribution channels
  • Encode, ingress/egress from Piksel or existing system
  • Content providers can deliver to broadcasters as part of the content acquisition chain
  • Optimized media supply chains
  • Consumption-based pricing
  • Commercially flexible - opex or capex
  • Accurate cost tracking & analysis of apps and resources
  • High-end supply chain design & modelling

The Importance Of A Digital First Supply Chain

  • Deliver a fit for future, unified digital first supply chain
  • Lower latency, duplication and operational cost and TCO
  • Increase agility, productivity speed to market and revenue
  • Deliver content when, where and how your users want it
  • Share infrastructure between analogue and digital
  • Organise your assets into a single, accessible repository
  • Maximise asset value and future proof your processes
  • Sell more audience and maximise C3/C7 ad value


Media Pipeline Processing

  • Cloud based fulfilment
  • Distribution
  • Cloud IP broadcast playout
  • Broadcast playout automation

Content processing

  • Normalisation
  • Encoding
  • Transcoding
  • Closed caption extraction/insertion
  • Nielsen watermarking
  • QC

End to end distribution

  • Profile management
  • Metadata transformation
  • Asset delivery (programmes, packshots, metadata)
  • Cloud based asset storage
  • Stitching files (hardcoding adverts, adding bumpers, overlays)
  • Metadata services for master sources of metadata information
  • Media asset fulfilment

Admin console

  • Manage distribution profiles
  • Manage workflow