Explore important features of Flow.

Modern Standards-Based Packaging and Delivery

Language and API support for acquiring video content in standard interchange formats such as GXF and IMF, performing asset analysis and pre-flight validation, transcode into AVC/HEVC, segment to fMP4 ISOBMFF and package using Common Media Application Format (CMAF). Use a single container format to give playback support on the widest variety of consumer electronics devices for customers to enjoy.


Protect content using the standard Common Encryption Scheme (CENC) and encrypt assets at rest throughout a workflow.

Asset Analysis

Take advantage of our on-platform asset analysis tools to generate AES-128 encryption under Common Encryption Scheme (CENC for ISOBMFF).

Quality Checking

Build automated quality checking into asset generation and be confident that renditions are flawless.

File Transfer and File Storage

Transfer files efficiently using Aspera or Signiant, and integrate work with asset storage services such as S3.