Schedule Management

Build up programme guide (EPG) on a set top box by adding location, channel, station and air time to your linear content.


Linear offerings are live content delivery, usually a broadcast channel on TV.


Each Linear offer is dependent on Location, e.g. country or geographical region, and each location has its own broadcast schedule.


Channels are simply explained as their position in the TV guide, e.g. Channel 001 in the UK is ‘BBC One’. It will be different for each Location.


As mentioned above, Channel 001 in the UK is ‘BBC One’ – BBC One is the Station. In a different Location, e.g. the Netherlands, Channel 001 is mapped to ‘NPO 1’. Stations can be mapped to multiple Channels, and each Channel can have more than one Station – for example, Channel 014 might be mapped to ‘Dave’ until midnight and then ‘QVC’ from midnight until 6am.


A Content item will be put in a Listing, and includes the air times that are then mapped to Stations – they form the content of the TV Guide. ‘News at 10’ will have a listing and include 10pm to 10.25pm as the air time. This is mapped to BBC One, and subsequently, Channel 001 in the Location ‘UK’.

The EPG View

Coming soon in 2018 – Console will include a new EPG view feature. It brings all the Linear resource types together and populates them into a bespoke view. The user can change Location and see Listings for other countries and regions.

EPG View - Preview