Placement Management

Placement management is the practice of how to present content to the end user and pushing it out to various platforms.


This could be the web, Smart TV, set top boxes, or mobile applications – e.g. iPhone app.


Pages is often your offers – Linear (Live TV channels), OnDemand.


Each page has a template – e.g. rows of carousels, “What’s New” list at the top of the page.


A feed populates a UI, template or app – it contains content. There are 3 types of feed:

  1. Editorial picked – manually pinning items of content in a list.
  2. Dynamic – setting up a filter that will pick all content that meet specified types, e.g. ‘Genre: superhero’.
  3. Mixture of editorial and dynamic – pin one film to the head of the dynamic list. Create a dynamic list, this could be ‘Disney’ films. Customers may be looking for the title ‘Frozen’ as a popular Disney title and Feeds will allow you to pin that item to the front of the dynamically generated list of content.

The hierarchy of Placement

  • A provider will have several platforms for delivery, e.g. iPhone app, and Console refers to that as a ‘Site’.
  • A Site will display your offers (often as a list or menu), Live TV and OnDemand are common ‘Pages’.
  • Each Page will have a ‘Template’ dictating how the content is displayed, e.g. a series of carousels.
  • The Template will display lists of content, individually called a ‘Feed’. There will often be several Feeds in a Template.

Please refer to the Getting Started with Console guide for how to set up Placements.