Dashboards are landing pages for your tenancies that display widgets that count or graphically represent the content types within your catalogue. The ‘Browse’ widget displays individual items of content that match specific filters, for example ‘Latest Movies’.


Each Dashboard is specific to your tenancy meaning that you can set up different widgets based on the purpose of the tenancy.

Please refer to the guide on how to set up widgets and build a dashboard that matches your workflow (coming soon). For example, if you are a content editor you may need to quickly see items of content that need attention. This could include missing data or assets.

Counter widget

This creates a block on your home screen that counts items in the catalogue (or processing) that match a specified filter. Standard counters would include:

  • Count of total content items
  • Count of items of type ‘Movie’
  • Count of items of type ‘TV Show’
  • Count of items of type ‘Episode’

Counter widgets

Chart widget

A chart widget displays a count of items (by type) as a bar or pie chart.

Chart widgets

Browse widget

Displays content that matches a filter in a grid view. A practical use for this is to highlight items that are tagged as having missing assets or data and need to be updated.

Browse widgets