Digital Showcase is a SaaS-based broadcast grade video platform that enables content owners, aggregators and distributors to integrate live, linear and on-demand programming into a multiscreen environment.

It supports multiple revenue models, including advertising (AVOD), pay-per-view (TVOD) and subscription (SVOD).

Using elements of the Piksel Palette, Digital Showcase is an advanced, highly flexible, and quick-to-market way to launch an OTT offering for consumers.

Digital Showcase supports PPV, subscription, and ad-supported revenue models, providing content makers, aggregators, and distributors the ability to integrate live, linear, and on-demand programming in a multiscreen environment.

Features of Digital Showcase

  • End-to-end solution from ingest through to device experiences
  • Fast time to market
  • Predictable pricing model with no hidden costs
  • White label, brand ready user experience
  • Major consumer devices supported from day one
  • Supports both linear and VOD content
  • Studio grade multi-DRM protection
  • Pre-integrated billing and user registration system with flexible integration into other existing systems (authentication, CRM, CDN, encoding)

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Playback supported to UHD TVs and streaming devices

Full Admin Console

  • User management
  • Device concurrency management
  • Entitlement management
  • Billing management
  • Payment management
  • Content management and placement
  • Usage reporting and analytics
  • Metadata management
  • Ingest management
  • Disable account capability
  • Studio and debitor reporting

Advertising Support

  • VAST 3.0 compliant
  • VMAP compliant
  • Google DFP integration
  • Pre, mid and post-roll video ads
  • Skyscraper advertising
  • Banner advertising
  • Per page ad control
  • Per language ad control

Content Management

  • Content presentation management
  • Publishing
  • Syndication
  • Promote content to a specific device across all devices
  • Configure navigation on a per device basis
  • Featured and latest content can be configured per genre

White Label Device Apps

  • Fully featured, market-ready apps for Android, iOS, Desktop, set top boxes and streaming devices
  • Common device framework maintains consistency and reduces time to market

White Label Front End

  • VOD-movies and episodic (series, season and episode) content models
  • Genre/category/A-Z
  • Filter and sort
  • Recommendations
  • View latest
  • Separate landing pages for subscription and transactional content
  • Device specific search results
  • Predictive search
  • PIN managed parental control

Ingest and Asset Management

  • Secure file upload SFTP/Signiant/Aspera
  • Asset, imaging and metadata ingestion
  • Transcoding and encryption
  • Metadata management
  • Multi-language audio ingest
  • HLS and MP4 DRM-free trailers
  • Receive transcoded and packaged assets (DASG, HLS, HSS) ready for encryption using PlayReady, Fairplay and Widevine
  • CDN publishing

Live/Linear Content

  • Channel landing pages
  • Now/Next/Later landing pages
  • Grid based EPG
  • DVR (rewind, play, pause)

Multi-Lingual Support

  • UI and metadata (including right to left languages)
  • Audio channels
  • Search

My Showcase

  • Registration
  • Profile management
  • Password reset
  • Favourites
  • Recently watched
  • Rentals
  • Payment method management
  • Payment history
  • Parental control rating setting
  • Delete payment method

Piksel Technology

  • Built on a Micro Services Architecture (MSA)
  • Continuous deployment enables immediate and ongoing feature enrichment and improvement
  • Scalable within seconds
  • Fully compatible with alternative services (Piksel and 3rd parties)
  • Deployed in the cloud, on premise or as hybrid
  • Standalone or fully integrated
  • API driven interfaces


  • HTML5 player
  • Adaptive bitrate
  • Playready, Fairplay, Widevine DRM support
  • Non-DRM trailer playback
  • Audio language selection
  • Fast forward, rewind, live pause
  • Cross device resume points
  • Playback supported over Wi-Fi and cellular networks and devices
  • Download to device (EST)
  • Bundles/box sets/season purchase

Integrated Revenue Support

  • Subscription registration and management
  • Payment collection
  • Billing
  • Offer management
  • SVOD (including on platform management)
  • AVOD
  • Transactional support
  • Purchase on web
  • Cross device watch
  • Multi-currency/multi-region support
  • Braintree integration for payment gateways
  • PayPal
  • Vouchers
  • No bill accounts (alternative payment provider)
  • Refunds – tactical manual based action
  • Alternative payment providers
  • Offer handling and promotions


  • Studio-grade DRM protection (Playready, Fairplay and Widevine)
  • Licencing service
  • Secure key management
  • IP whitelist/blacklist management
  • Device identification and restriction
  • Geo-blocking
  • Proxy detection
  • Concurrency management

Social Media

  • Facebook/Twitter integration – link to brand/content pages
  • Google+ – link to brand/content pages

Broadcast Grade Support

  • Over a decade of experience serving Tier 1 clients
  • Pay of the data you use
  • Public cloud with auto scaling ensures you won’t be caught out when demand spikes
  • 24/7 support from our Managed Services Team
  • Ongoing improvements and support with continuous deployment and zero downtime