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The market is rapidly changing and competition is increasing, including involvement from some of the big players of entertainment and the web – Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. Increasing number of viewers is the key to success.

Piksel Palette will allow customers to provide exclusive content, personalised experience, agility and speed, whilst monitoring audience and asset data to react to changes and maintain a cost advantage over competitors.

Fuse Metadata Manager

Fuse Metadata Manager improves content discovery through a single coherent view of metadata - aggregating, linking, merging, enriching and augmenting to provide a single authoratative source.

Fuse Publisher

Fuse Publisher helps content providers reduce their time to market new video content by streamlining asset processing workflows and negating constraints imposed by legacy, siloed broadcast-era systems.

Digital Showcase

Digital Showcase is a SaaS-based broadcast grade video platform that enables content owners, aggregators and distributors to integrate live, linear and on-demand programming into a multiscreen environment.


With the help of our solutions architects, leverage video platform services to either create or complement your existing systems landscape.