The metadata module within Piksel Palette encompasses components & services that collectively provide a solution to ingest, normalize, enrich and store metadata from multiple ingest sources. The stored metadata now presents a unified view of the content across the customers organization. The metadata can then be consumed by other services to build customized feeds, metadata delivery XMLs, etc. The following services are available (follow links for documentation on each).


Is responsible for managing data specific to media content, such as assets, channels, credits and providers.


Feeds provide delivery of data feeds based on underlying services across the Piksel Video Platform.


Enrichment allows customers to pull missing metadata fields from external reference sources (such as IMDB) and other internal metadata stores within the organization.


Provides a common interface to upload files and deliver them to CDN for publicly accessible image delivery.

Content Knowledge Base

Applying Machine Learning capabilities, this internal service allows catalogue data curation and matching, providing deduplication of content and single item presentation.