Transforming the digital supply chain

Fuse Metadata Manager

Fuse Metadata Manager improves content discovery through a single coherent view of metadata - aggregating, linking, merging, enriching and augmenting to provide a single authoratative source.

Fuse Publisher

Fuse Publisher helps content providers reduce their time to market new video content by streamlining asset processing workflows and negating constraints imposed by legacy, siloed broadcast-era systems.

Digital Showcase

Digital Showcase is a SaaS-based broadcast grade video platform that enables content owners, aggregators and distributors to integrate live, linear and on-demand programming into a multiscreen environment.


With the help of our solutions architects, leverage video platform services to either create or complement your existing systems landscape.

Built on top of a powerful architecture

Micro Service Architecture

Palette services are lightweight, independent, with a single well defined function, communicate with each other via well defined interfaces and work together to provide business value.

Fully Managed

Palette eliminates the need to host, maintain, back up, and scale your own video services. The platform automatically scales to meet your growing video catalogue and audience.

Performant & Scalable

Palette has a highly scalable, redundant, and durable architecture, built to meet the exacting performance and demands of modern video delivery.

Highly Available & Fault Tolerant

Palette is globally distributed and redundant, designed from the ground up to tolerate and recover from failure, ensuring that your video solution is highly available and accessible.

Data Driven

All aspects of the video platform are monitored and metrics gathered to know what is happening and make informed choices of how to react.


Simple to integrate yet powerful APIs for you to integrate quickly into your existing infrastructure and workflows, so you can plug in Palette components with the least amount of effort.

Shortened Innovation Cycles

Our APIs and services are constantly improving behind the scenes, so you can integrate once and benefit from the latest innovations and features going forward.

Continuously Delivered

Every single change flows down a delivery pipeline through successive stages, must meet quality standards and, if successful, is deployed into production. Failures are reported and fixed with highest priority.